Silly billies :P

msilly9 wsilly5

We wanted the last week of Summer Romp to be as simple and as SILLY as possible. We made silly faces and silly sounds, read a silly story, got messy with rainbow shaving cream, and dusted off some of our old favorite silly songs.

Registration for the Fall session begins August 15th! Unfortunately, Aimee’s moving to Northern Virginia to be a full-time preschool teacher. She’s still in deep denial.

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wcamping6 DSCN6499

During the week of Independence Day, we had to choose a theme related to the outdoors and family fun. So we decided to go camping! The Rompers gathered around a pretend campfire, sang campfire songs, and painted with marshmallows. At the end of class, they curled up in their tent and fell asleep.

Because of the holiday, we only saw the Wednesday group this week. See you again on the 11th, Monday Rompers!

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (pt. 2)

mbody7 mbody20

Jacqui and Aimee did this week’s Romp with the Wednesday kids so long ago, they hardly remember it!

During the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we wanted to come up with a fun, easy program to do again in April, on the Monday before Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. Getting the chance to kick, stretch, and wiggle-wobble is important to kids during every season. So today we celebrated everything that our bodies can do!

The library will be closed on Wednesday 4/13. Happy birthday, TJ!

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